Stephanie Osuji Cover
#4 Lanham, MD - United States

Stephanie Osuji


Birth Year 2004
Gender Female
Weight 170 LBS
Height 5'8"
Ball Type Softball
Primary Position Shortstop
Can Play Other Positions Yes
Glove Right
Bats Right
Division U18

Lanham, MD, US

Team/Association MD - Maryland Flash MD - Maryland Flash Logo


Stephanie Osuji 2023 Skills Video

3 June 2022

Age 17

  • Stephanie Osuji 2023 Skills Video Image

    Stephanie Osuji 2023 Skills Vi...

    Age 17


The game means something entirely different to me. It has been an escape, a motivator, a turning point, and much more. I have taken all of the difficulties I have met along the way and turned them into opportunities to grow. Hard work does not scare me, it invites me. Adversity does not dissuade me, it ignites the will within me to compete. Hustle is something I aim to bring to every team I am on, alongside a championship mindset. My hope is to bring all of my strengths to a brilliant team and become a part of a greater whole. Anyone can make an impact in the modern world, athletes most of all. I want to be part of a program that makes an impact and I want to be an asset to my team, not a liability. I recognize that character and academics are no less important than softball itself and I’ve made a commitment to work hard without end. So coach, set your sights on me and believe that I can be your gamechanger, because I will do everything that I can.