ScoutVid is a space that every athlete can call their own.

Every athlete should be proud to play. ScoutVid provides a safe platform in which all players of all ages and levels can store, share and expand on their progress with friends, family and globally. From sharing a big hit, making big plays and creating lasting memories. ScoutVid aims to empower all young athletes to understand and be excited about their potential as they grow.

From a tryout that was missed, player favoritism and politics in sport. ScoutVid has the platform to showcase talents, skill sets and achievements of athletes on a digital level to ensure maximum exposure.

ScoutVid provides an unprecedented tool for any recruitment to get an in-depth look at players. Not just from a skill standpoint, however also from character, charisma and personality via interview and training videos.
Young athletes progress can drastically change from one year to the next. ScoutVid acts as a progress timeline on screen showcasing improvements in skill, strength and size.

ScoutVid does not display the tier level of any athlete, we let the content do the talking without preconceived notions.

Our goal at ScoutVid is to be an all-encompassing family. A space where we work together to support each other in our athletic journeys.
Every athletes similarities are greater than their differences.