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Gabriel Obadia


, - Colombia

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Responsible Baseball Coach able to coach players, direct program operations and meet challenging competition demands. Performance-oriented and driven leader with deep understanding of game play and rules. Ready to apply 14 years of experience to a permanent staff position with room for advancement.


High School Diploma

Jose Rafael Pocaterra – Venezuela


Sports Training

CEFIT – Envigado -Colombia

·  Schedule to execute and control the training of people at the level of sports training taking into account the pedagogical principles according to age, gender and sports discipline and applying ethical criteria and socio-environmental responsibility

· Baseball strength certificate

Sports management course


· Fundamentals of Sports Administration” focused on topics related to sports administration and legislation, club management, among others.

Road to the big leagues course

·   Strength Course in Baseball (Age 8 to 20 years)

·   Speed Course in Baseball (Age 8 to 20years)

·    Baseball Test Course (Age 8 to 20years)